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Program Description: The sea otter management plans provide information on sea otters, Enhydra lutis kenyoni, such as: historical background, phylogeny, species description, distribution and movements, population size and growth rate estimates, diet, sources of mortality and community ecology. The management plans, as originally developed, also include goals and objectives for the regional management of sea otters set forth through consultations with the communities in the region.

History: Since 1995, TASSC has worked with regions and local communities to encourage the development of management plans and ordinances to further formalize the local management of sea otters. Sea Otter Management Plans have been funded in the past through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans, the BIA, and Section 119 funding to work with local governments on sea otter conservation and management.

Barren Islands located in TASSC's Kodiak Region. Photo © TASSC.
  • Each of the TASSC regions has an overall regional management plan that provides broad information about sea otter distribution and history. Some communities and sub-regions have localized the regional plans, creating a plan specific to their area.
  • Currently, three communities have developed local marine mammal management plans, utilizing and expanding on their regional management plan, to further responsible development and management of the species.
  • In 2003/2004, updated information such as sea otter diet, phylogeny, genetics, sources of mortality and population demographics was incorporated into the management plan for the Kodiak region. The updated plan will serve as a template for the other regional management plans.
Barren Islands located in TASSC's Kodiak Region. Photo © TASSC.

Current/Future plans: TASSC supports the responsible management of sea otters and will seek funding to continue the development and progress of regional and local management plans. When the regional management plans are updated, the plans can then undergo another round of tribal consultation in order to update the management actions.

Barren Islands located in TASSC's Kodiak Region. Photo © TASSC.



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